About – Personal

Fariba Abedin received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture from Massachusetts College of Art and her Master of Science in Education from Connecticut State University.
Iranian born, Fariba was exposed to the rich culture and art of Iran during her childhood.  She still remembers the beauty of the tile and mirror works in the various mosques and architectural monuments in Iran.  Her art work is influenced by her Iranian heritage, represented in a contemporary style.


Fariba currently lives and works in Houston, TX.  Her art had been exhibited at The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art in Dallas, Lawndale Art Center, and The Jung Center Houston.  She currently exhibits at her studio in The Spring Street Studios.

About – Art

Fariba Abedin’s work explores geometric abstraction with an emphasis on color study where geometry and color become the subjects of her intriguing paintings.  Her large scale geometric paintings give the effect of a blown-up kaIeidoscope to the viewer.  Her carefully selected tints, shades and tones create the illusion of volume, space, vibration, and transparency.


Abedin’s multicultural background becomes more visible in some of her paintings which combine calligraphy and geometric abstraction in a distinct way.


Although Abedin’s work is geometric and structural, her concept of work is tender and appealing in its appreciation of the nature and science, Color and geometry.  She also conveys a message of love and peace through her work.

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